Avoid Dog Shock Collars – This is Why

Having conducted much research into people’s experiences with using shock collars as a means of trying to control excessive barking in a dog, I didn’t quite expect to find what I did. An overwhelming nunmber of dog owners expressing sincere regret and remorse that they ever put a shock collar on their dog due to the distress and harm they caused. In some cases, what people are revealing about their experiences with dog shock collars is truly horrifying.

Even vets are adament in their opposition to electric shock collars: the Australian Veterinarian Association states that “behaviour-modifying collars that use electric shock should not be used on animals and should be banned.”

Rarely will you hear a veterinarian association calling for the ban of pet products, which just goes to show the deep concern that vets have about the use of these collars on dogs or any other animals. And they would certainly know better than anyone, right?

There are many examples. One heartbreaking story of a lady who wrote a review of a dog shock collar at Amazon.com is one of the first of many I have no read.

You can see the original review on this page: Amazon shock collar review. Just scroll down to the review by “GiftGiver”.

It could be easy to think that it is a one off review, however I have now come across dozens and dozens of testimonials, comments and reviews around the web detailing people’s awful experiences when putting a shock collar on their dog. Ranging from inflicting fear on their beloved dog, through to physical burns. These are serious stories that are sadly being buried amongst more positive comments – many of which I have found can not be trusted to be genuine.

If reading these alarming stories does not tell you that shock collars are utterly cruel (and should be banned), then I don’t know what further evidence you need. Please read the above mentioned review all the way through and seriously reconsider purchasing any type of shock collar. There are so many other humane and gentle options for getting a barking problem under control, that it is hard to imagine why anyone who cares for their dog or cares about not causing animal suffering in general, would resort to a product that inflicts painful shocks upon a dog.

Think about whether you would be comfortable putting your dog, or any dog, through the same situation – it is so unfortunate to see that these collars are still widely available for sale and people still buy them. Reading the negative reviews on these product pages will reveal some true horror stories.

Alarmingly, it seems that a number of shock collar sellers are encouraging people to leave positive reviews in exchange for free products. This unethical behavior has resulted in several dog shock collars receiving a huge number of reviews – mostly positive, despite the fact that the collar did not work or worse, caused harm and fear for the dog.

The only way to wade through fake reviews and those which have been submitted essentially as bribes at the hands of unscrupulous no-name brand shock collar sellers, is to skip to the lowest rated reviews and read the true testimonials and experiences of people who are not afraid to post their experiences as they want to warn other people to avoid shock collars at all costs.

Chihuahua dog
Would you want to inflict distressing electric shocks on your beloved pet?

On the above Amazon page you will also read a review from someone who’s dog was burned after using a shock collar. This is just one example of many horror stories I have found amongst numerous dog shock collar products.

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