Is It Your Dog’s Birthday? Dog Birthday Cakes!

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Why should only the humans of the household have enjoy the privilege having their very own birthday parties?

Dog’s want to have fun and feel special too!

If it’s your dog’s birthday (or a day that you’ve designated as a birthday if you’re unsure of the exact date), you could join a growing throng of people who are going all out for the occasion.

Making a safe doggy-friendly cake and throwing a party complete with party hats, decorations, treats, friends and of course – many gifts for the birthday girl or boy.

Dogs can eat a birthday cake, you ask?

Well, yes, but not the cakes we’re used to buying or making for people-parties. They’re no good for dogs: full of sugar and additives, not to mention the big no-no ingredient – toxic chocolate.

A dog friendly cake on the other hand is formulated especially for dogs, and made to be totally safe for them to get stuck right into. So you don’t have to worry about Fido getting his nose up on the table and stealing a piece – because it’s his cake!

Cake mixes that are made for dogs might look exactly like a cake we’d buy for ourselves – but they contain ONLY dog-safe ingredients.

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