Electric Shock Collars – Outdated and Cruel

Last updated: 2 July, 2016

At DogBarkStop.com we do not recommend the use of any electric shock or static shock collar to control a dog’s excessive barking.

Yes, they may stop a dog from barking but so will administering any type of pain. Using pain to control an animal is archaic and cruel, therefore this site takes the approach of reviewing and recommending only the small selection of humane bark control devices that are available and educating people about why they should avoid electric shock collars, ‘static’ collars, ‘correction’ collars and any other such device that is termed in a way to mislead you, the buyer, into thinking that it is a humane product to use on your beloved pet.

The manufacturers of these devices will very often describe the way they work as ‘causing a correction’ rather than telling consumers that it is actually causing an electric shock to the dog when he barks.

However the problem of electric shock collars goes deeper. Many of these collars malfunction and will administer a shock even when your dog doesn’t bark. This can occur when your dog touches a metal object such as his food or water bowl, or a pipe or just at random times. Unfortunately many of these collars simply do not function correctly and can cause great suffering without you even knowing.

Many people also make the mistake of leaving a shock collar on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If the collar is continually malfunctioning then your dog will suffer – even when he is trying to sleep.
Most people who have bought and use shock collars are not cruel – they simply just do not know the discomfort and anguish they can cause an animal as the manufacturers try their best to assure you that they are completely humane. It is up to you to dig deeper to find the truth.

Lazy Dog Owners
Another reason why electric shock collars are inappropriate is due to the fact that people may use them as the ultimate solution to quieten their dog. If your dog is abandoned in the backyard, all alone and does not receive attention then he will bark excessively out of frustration and despair – throwing a shock collar on and continuing to deprive your dog of attention is not the answer. Put simply, if you don’t have time to spend with your dog on a daily basis and therefore curb his need to bark for attention, you should not own a dog at all.

Shock collars are inhumane and are not a viable training method in this day and age. Please do the right thing by your dog and don’t buy or use shock or electric anti-barking collars on your canine friend.

Training a dog
Choose more humane options for stopping your dog from barking

The best and most humane type of excessive bark control collars to use are citronella spray collars. Even ultrasonic collars are not 100% humane as they can cause discomfort and pain not only to the dog you are aiming to control, but to other nearby animals too.

Citronella spray collars are the only recommended barking control devices.

More Information
Read my article about one person’s disturbing experience with shock collars: Avoid Dog Shock Collars: This is Why

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