Liver Supplements for Dogs [Comparison + Reviews]

The liver is a critical body organ for all of us – including our dogs. Without proper liver functon, the body can’t remove toxins effectively. All animals with a liver must have it operating in optimal condition, or health suffers.

Environmental toxins are everywhere, no matter how hard we try to keep our dogs (and ourselves) away from them. Air, water, food, soil – these are all potential areas where toxins can enter the body from. A well functioning liver is effective at now allowing these toxins to build up in the body. So consuming foods that are known to contribute to positive liver health, and/or contain high levels of powerful antioxidants, is critical for long term liver function.

Liver support supplements can be part of your plan to support your dog’s liver function.

Whether your dog has a known liver problem and your vet has advised on supplementation, or if you wish to take the initiative and proactively target liver health with a safe supplement, this guide will cover many of the available dog liver supplements now available

Based on in depth research, including being very clear on just which dogs might be suited for each supplement and whether real people are happy with each particular product – importantly, anything I’ve uncovered on unexpected side effects is shared here as well.

Nothing is hidden, and if I’ve found it during my research, it will be included in this guide and reviews of liver supplements for dogs.

Remember: always discuss with your vet before starting your dog on any supplements.
Supplements are not marketed as a cure for liver disorders: consult your vet about the best course of action for treating liver complications.

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