Who Should Use a Bark Stop Collar?

Bark control collars and devices are a last resort and should only be used after you have attempted other training and positive reinforcement methods to curb your dog’s excessive barking.

A barking control collar is usually not a long term solution to attention seeking behavioral issues such as inappropriate barking. An anti-bark collar or device should not be used to completely stop your dog from barking all the time, but only for excessive barking.

Dogs bark as a form of communication. It is as natural as speaking is to you and I – and you would never think of de-speaking a human (though it might be tempting sometimes!).

Loved pet dog
All pet dogs just want attention and love

At DogBarkStop.com we promote the use of training devices and products that aim to stop excessive and inappropriate barking – but not barking that is caused by lack of attention by owners or other environmental factors that can be fixed with positive reinforcement training.

Examples of the right situations to use bark control products:

1. When your dog disrupts the neighbourhood by barking during the night for no apparent reason
2. When you are aware of your dog barking all day long when you are at work
3. When your dog is in the house and his barking is causing a disruption, i.e. to children sleeping

Examples of the wrong times to use bark control products:

1. If your dog does not receive enough attention and you are tired of hearing him bark.
Solution: Give your dog the attention he needs

A humane* bark stop product is not a replacement for attention, play, exercise or any other activity that your dog may be devoid of and thus causes excessive barking – these can all be easily fixed (for free) by simply giving your dog the love and time he needs.

To sum up, a humane barking control device or collar is a training device only – not a behavioral controller.
You should be aiming to use the collar on and off over a period of time and then cease using it once your dog is trained to not bark at inappropriate times.

Citronella spray collars are the most humane collar available.

*dogbarkstop.com does not promote, endorse or recommend the use of electric or shock devices or collars for controlling excessive dog barking. We also rarely endorse the use of ultrasonic devices.

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