Bayer Elanco Quad vs Panacur C Dog Dewormers

Bayer Elanco Quad dewormer is a beef flavored chewable tablet form.

Panacur C comes in a formula that needs to be mixed in with wet dog food for three consecutive days. If your dog only eats dry food, you need to moisten the food a little to help with mixing.

Quad treats:

Panacur treats:
Taenia Tapeworms

So as you would expect from modern dewormers, they both target all the important culprits that can cause grief for dogs.

They do this using different ingredients:

Active Ingredients of Panacur C and Quad Dewormers

The active ingredient in Panacur C is Fenbendazole.

The active ingredients in in Quad are Praziquantel, Pyrantel pamoate, and Febantel.

The Quad Dewormer chewables are small enough that a lot of dogs will just swallow it without chewing. Smaller and younger dogs can sometimes find the chewables to be hard. In these cases you can consider cutting or crushing up the chewable tablet and mixing it through food, like we often do with regular tablets. As long as your dog consumes the Quad tablet fully, he/she is going to be wormed properly.

So what can you expect after deworming?

If your dog currently has worms (any you might not even know it), worms will start being expelled in the feaces within hours.

Remove and properly dispose of all feaces immediately. Do not allow any other dogs or animals to come in contact with the fecal matter.



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