Busy Butter for Dogs (Calming Peanut Butter)

Have you heard about Busy Butter for dogs?

Esssentially this is another anti-anxiety solution, but one that can even bring pleasure in the form of a calming peanut butter formula.

Busy Butter comes in a small pouch that you can squeeze out without mess, and it doesn’t necessarily have to go directly into your dog’s food bowl.

One of the recommended strategies is to put it into a toy, which gives your dog extra time to consume it and expeirence the anxiety reducing effects.

That’s why it’s called “busy butter” – we should aim to keep our dog busy using this product as a tool rather than just a treat.

How does Busy Butter reduce anxiety in dogs?

Busy Butter vs other dog calming and anti-anxiety methods

We have (too) many options now when it comes to dealing with stress and anxiety in a dog. From calming vests and calming collars and chews, to pheremones and more.

A method that works wonderfully for one dog might have no positive effects on another. Not all dogs tolerate wearing a Thundershirt for example, while others see no reduction in anxious behavior when wearing a pheremone collar.

It’s a process of trial and error. Busy Butter is certainly one of (if not the) lowest cost and dare I say, enjoyable stress reduction strategies to try.

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