Cat doors and flaps can be a useful way to provide more freedom for your cat, without compromising on the security of your home.

As I don’t advocate the free-roaming of cats, when I refer to cat doors and the like I consider it in the context of creating an entrance way into and out of an enclosed patio or balcony area, or out into a cat enclosure that is attached to your home.

In any case, a good cat flap or door is something that’s not too difficult or expensive to implement.

Types of Cat Doors

Gone are the days when your only choice was to install a simple hole-in-the-wall flap that your cat had to run through without getting hit in the behind; not to mention the wind and other weather that could make its way into your home!

Although simple cat flaps are certainly still available, times have moved on and with it, we have some awesome new technology that has made its way into the world of pet doors!

Electronic, magnetic, even microchip-enabled cat doors are now available. These come with big benefits, namely in the way of security and giving you complete control over who can access your cat door (we’re talking about your pets, of course), and when.

Let’s take a look at the main types of doors available for our cats:


An electronic cat door provides the ultimate in security: they work either by attaching a tag to your cat’s collar where the system can then identify your cat as the only one who can enter and exit the door. In other words, the door will not activate for any other animal, including wildlife, and stray cats and dogs. You can also exclude specific family pets if you only want certain ones to access the door! Some electronic doors can also work by using your cat’s existing microchip for identifcaiton and activiation.


Similar in concept to the electronic cat doors, magnetic doors instead make use of a small magnet that your cat wears and this is what activates the door.


The lowest cost cat doors available are standard doors with no access control – in other words, any animal can come and go through the door. Most come with a locking mechanism which allows you to restrict all access to the door when required.