Thinking about how long our beloved cat will be with us is something that I personally don’t like to dwell on. I’d like to think they’ll be here with me forever. We know that’s not the case though, and as the years pass by, our felines head closer to old age (as we do).

Advances in dietary knowledge and veterinary care has led to longer lifespans for domestic cats, and while there are many many factors involved (genetics, diet, breed, lifestyle) that influence life span, 20 year old and beyond cats are no longer unusual.

We all know someone who has a 22 year old cat, and we all hope our precious ones will live happily, healthily, and pain-free to this age and more if nature allows.

World’s Oldest Cats?

With so many millions of domestic cats in the world, there’s no real way to tell who has the record for the longest living cat. Stray and street living cats certainly have shorter lives than pampered pets on average, one Guinness record in 2014 was a 24 year old cat in the USA.

Guinness has also featured another cat, this time a 26 year old, in 2015.

In any case, cats who are with us beyond the age of 20 are considered very long lived, and we should be so lucky to have them healthy, comfortable, and happily living out their elder years at that stage of life.