The Litter Spinner sits in the middle of fully automatic self cleaning cat litter boxes, and your regular litter trays and boxes that you need to manually scoop out.

This one requires some input from you which involves spinning it (as the name clearly suggests) to separate the waste litter from the clean stuff. This removes the need to use a scoop, so is a good hands-off method of kitty litter maintenance.

But how practical is it really? Does the Litter Spinner make it easier and cleaner to manage your cat’s toileting and litter requirements?

Let’s look at the benefits first:

You don’t need to connect it to any power source (unlike the true auto self cleaning machines). So you can place the Litter Spinner wherever you want without worrying about electrical outlets and cables.

What about any flaws or complaints?

Obviously if you’re after a completely automatic litter solution, the Litter Spinner obviously won’t be it.

So I tend to ignore any complaints that relate to having to do some manual work to use the Litter Spinner properly; that’s how it’s designed after all.

But when you’ve got it working properly and with the right litter, it’s literally a few seconds of maintenance and certainly less messy than scooping out a normal tray.

A legitimate issue I’ve come across though is that relating to size. Size of the cat, and size of the hole that one must enter the litter area through. Large cats are likely to struggle with the Litter Spinner. They’ll either avoid going through the entry hole altogether, or they’ll be cramped inside the box.

It’s most ideal for smaller cats, but overweight and large cats are likely going to be more comfortable using a different style of litter box.