All You Need To Know About Dog Diapers

What are dog diapers used for?

The main reasons people think about trying to get their dog to wear a diaper at certain times are:

  • When a puppy isn’t yet potty trained
  • To stop marking by male dogs
  • For incontinence
  • To manage spontaneous urination such as when a dog is overly excited

Most products will specify whether they are made for male or female dogs.

Some are unisex, however it’s likely that these diapers are going to fit one or the other better: that’s where my reviews in this guide will hopefully help you out with your choice!

Does my dog need diapers?

Some of the reasons (rightly or wrongly) that people think about using diapers on their dog include the following. Let’s look at the facts:

Dog Diapers to Prevent Marking

Diapers aren’t a cure for the behavioral problem of marking in male dogs. It goes without saying: if the dog isn’t neutered than having that done is likely to fix your problem!

In neutured dogs, it can become more complex.

This article isn’t about fixing marking behavior, but when it comes to using diapers we need to understand that they provide a potential band-aid in the immediate term, but this is behavioral problem that likely needs to be addressed from a training perspective.

Or at least – a combination of both approaches.

To fix this issue there are actions to take that include, of course, removing all scent of urine from known marking spots (repeatedly if you have to).

Using a pet safe carpet or fabric deodorizer will help rid the smell completely.

This resets the area to neutral, instead of it being a familiar “owned” territorial marking spot.

Types of Dog Diapers

The most common type of canine diaper are disposable diapers.

These are obviously convenient, but you’ll want to be sure you’re choosing a brand and product that is both comfortable, secure and breathable for your dog, AND as environmentally friendly as possible.

If you want to avoid the disposable path, another option to consider is the belly wrap style diaper.

These are, as the name indicates, simply a wrap that that secures around your dog in a strategic area and yes – most of them are washable and reusable.

So the environmentally conscious amongst us, who prefer not to add to landfill, can consider this as a viable option – provided you don’t mind washing the wrap diapers.

Male dog diapers belly wraps are the most common, and the best ones are made not to leak with an absorbent pad and waterproof outer layer – minimizing the risk of any leakage.

Benefits of Reusable Dog Diapers

The big benefits of reusable diapers for dog are:

  • Long term moving saving: if you plan to use a diaper on your dog for a long period of time, washable ones pay for themself very quickly when compared with disposables.
  • Environmentally friendly: it goes without saying, if you’re not sending the diaper to landfill, you’re doing a good thing for the environment.
  • The best quality washable doggie diapers are made of material that is considerably more comfortable than most disposables – because they’re made to be washed, they need to be built to a higher standard than something that will be used once then thrown away. Softer material means more comfort for your dog, and more chance they’ll be fine wearing them.

Disposable Dog Diapers

Disposable canine diapers have their place and are certainly very popular. When would you consider using these rather than washable diapers (besides the obvious reason being that you simply don’t want to wash them)?

If you only plan to use the diapers occasionally, disposables are probably going to be your first choice. Consider the long term costs otherwise and whether the savings of using reusable diapers will outweigh the convenience benefits of disposables.

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