DoggoRamps Couch Ramp

If you need a ramp to help your dog walk up to the height of your bed, the couch ramp by DoggoRamps will be high enough for very low beds, but if you have a higher mattress on a frame then you’ll need a taller ramp.

The Couch Ramp lets you easily adjust the maximum height with four settings: 14″, 16″, 18″, and 21″. 21 inches or 53cm is the highest level that your dog will be able to climb up with one of these ramps, which are mainly designed to help your dog up to the sofa or couch.

But don’t fear: if you want the brilliant high quality Canadian Made DoggoRamp for your bed, you’re in luck because the company now makes a small bed ramp and large bed ramp.

The ramp sizes actually refer to your dog’s size and weight, not the height of the ramp. Both extend to a similar height to reach the top of any bed mattress (the small one actually goes 2 inches higher).

The large bed ramp can be used by dogs up to 200lbs, and the small bed ramp can handle dogs up to 40lbs. So there’s a DoggoRamps bed ramp for every size dog out there.

These bed ramps give your dog a much higher lift up than the Couch Ramp.

The bed ramps will take up a fair bit of space when extended at the end of your bed or side of your bed. But it’s so worth it because these ramps are of exceptional build quality, and with the beautiful wood finish they actually just look like a nice piece of furniture.

And that’s what it’s designed to be essentially – a furniture piece. It’s made of furniture grade hard wood, no different to the wood used for making quality tables and other pieces.

I just keep mine extended up all the time at the end of the bed and doggo can come and go as he pleases.

The DoggoRamp Small Bed Ramp is extendable up to 37″, and the Large Bed Ramp goes to 35″ for big dogs.

Both the bed ramps are fitted with side rails for extra safety, and they’re built as solid as a rock so there’s no concern at all about stability even with the heaviest dogs. There’s no chance of one of these ramps collapsing with your dog on it, they are just built so solidly.

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