What is a Dogloo?

The Dogloo (made by Petmate) is an igloo-style dog house that can provide protection in harsh outdoor weather.

The Dogloo is the original design and style of this type, but you will find what we could call copycat products out there now. Whether these other brands are as well built and of the sort of high quality of the original Dogloo is something to look at one a case by case basis.

But the original Dogloo is famous for its high quality build. True, it’s one of the more expensive dog houses available but you tend to get what you pay for, especially with something made for use in harsh outdoor conditions.

There are four igloo style dog homes in the Dogloo line up:

  • Petmate Dogloo XT
  • Aspen Pet Dogloo II
  • Petmate Indigo Dog House
  • Petmate Husky Dog House

The Indigo Dog House and Husky Dog House are the most widely available and popular houses of this style right now.

All models are built using the same heavy duty high quality USA-made plastic outer shell.

The plastic is designed to withstand harsh weather. This doesn’t mean a dog is to be left outdoors in the elements – but there are certainly circumstances and situations where rugged and highly protective dog houses like these are useful.

All the Dogloo homes have a small air vent at the top for ventilation and air circulation – this also assists with the goal of the patented Microban technology which focuses on reducing bacteria and odor (see below for more details on that).

Petmate is a company based in Arlington, Texas and have been in the pet products business since 1959 – so if you’re looking to support USA companies, your first box is ticked.

These are not cheap, low quality generic dog homes as you’ll quickly come to notice.

These are top of the line dog homes and there’s a lot more to them than just simple plastic like cheaper dog houses.

What is Microban?

One of the big selling points of the Dogloo dog homes is the use of Petmate’s own Microban technology.

You might not think dog houses as being technologically advanced, but Petmate has taken a different view by focusing the not often thought about problem of bacteria – something we tend to only notice when it produces odor.

Bacterial growth is one of the main causes of bad smells in a pet house, and Microban has been developed to help stop this bacteria growth and hence: reduce odors.

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