DogMD Maximum Defense Review

This is a range of flea and tick prevention and treatment products for dogs.

Rather than just being one single type of flea product, DogMD covers virtually every possible type of flea/tick treatment and prevention.

DogMD is part of a bigger line called PetMD, which also contains flea and tick products for cats.

There are five forms of DogMD Maximum Defense:

  • Quicktabs
  • Topical
  • Collar
  • Shampoo
  • Spray

It might seem confusing as to which type to choose – but each one has a more specific purpose so your choice will depend on what you’re trying to do.

Have a flea infestation that you want to start killing off immediately?

The DogMD QuickTabs are made for just that, as they start working within only 30 minutes. You can then follow it up with preventative treatment later on.

If you’re looking for regular flea and tick prevention, then the topical or collar versions of DogMD Maximum Defense are what you’ll be looking at.

Ingredients in DogMD Maximum Defense

The active ingredients are varied across the different DogMD flea and tick products.

If you’ve been looking at different brands of flea products, you’ll note that DogMD makes use of some of the most commonly used ingredients that you find in other well known products.

See below for a full listing of the ingredients in each DogMD product:

Quicktabs: Nitenpyram

Collar: Deltamethrin

Topical: Imidacloprid, Pyriproxyfen

Shampoo: Permethrin, Piperonyl Butoxide, Pyriproxyfen

Important note: never use any dog flea or tick products on cats. The DogMD shampoo in particular contains permethrin which is highly toxic to cats; therefore cats should be kept right away from such products.

Something I found quite interesting and rather curious really is the company’s tendency to compare each product to another well known similar product from other brands and noting the same ingredients are used.

For example, on the DogMD collar they suggest comparing it to the Scalibor Dog Protector Band, and the topical DogMD contains a label note pointing out that the product uses the same ingredients as Advantage.

It does seem that DogMD is trying hard to break into the competitive flea and tick dog product market by pointing out similarities with products that people may already be using or have used in the past.

Are there any potential side effects?

Thankfully, I’ve discovered no real reports of side effects from DogMD flea and tick products.

This is a good thing, as you will indeed find a range of side effect reports from the bigger name brands (but they also have a much wider user base). The biggest adverse effects I’ve found during my research is “the product just does not work” – see below.

Is DogMD Maximum Defense giving people the results they expected for flea & tick removal and prevention?

Overall, it has to be said that the general consensus towards the DogMD range of products is not hugely positive.

Many comments and reviews lean towards the neutral or negative side for various reasons. One of the main issues people are having is simply not seeing a reduction or complete removal of fleas after using one of the products.

Naturally, this is a disappointing outcome because you can’t use another flea product for at least 30 days – potentially leaving a dog to continue suffering with fleas during this time.

Are there any people happy with DogMD? Yes, there are certainly people sharing positive results with the topical, quicktabs and shampoo products.

Although in the minority (although keeping in mind it’s often the unhappy customers who are more likely to share their experiences), the fact that DogMD Maximum Defense does work for some dogs goes to show the potentially variation in flea resistance to certain ingredients that can occur in some places.

It is however difficult to recommend a suite of products which are providing disappointing results for a large number of people. Despite the fact that DogMD flea products are being compared to big names like Advantage and Frontline due to using the same ingredients, is often not reflected in the outcomes, leaving too many people disappointed.

Many dog owners have chosen to try DogMD to save money as the brand offers a lower cost alternative, but the risk of disappointing results is something to keep at the top of your mind here.

So what’s your alternative? There a plethora of other dog flea and tick options that you can see in my guide.


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