Should You Switch from Frontline to K9 Advantix II?

Lots of people are switching or are considering switching from the long used Frontline dog flea control to K9 Advantix II.

Why are so many people changing to K9 Advantix II?

A lot of us are finding that frontline just doesn’t work like it used to.

Frontline used to be an excellent dog flea control formula. But if you are applying Frontline regularly according to the instructions, and you’re finding there’s no change to the existence of live fleas on your dogs, then the only option is to try another formula.

No one can know exactly why an increasing number of dog owners are finding that Frontline doesn’t kill fleas as well as it used to, but it’s an issue that even some vets are acknowledging.

It is well worth noting this though: Frontline continues to work well for many people.
It remains one of the most popular flea treatments, and those who are succcesfully using Frontline for dogs have no reason to change unless you want the additional capabilities of K9 Advantix II.

Are fleas in some areas becoming accustomed to Frontline’s formula, and rendering it ineffective? Possibly.

But when you have a flea infestation to treat, there’s no time to waste (especially if your dog is suffering with dermatitis).

The most popular and effective alternative to Frontline now is K9 Advantix II. Most people who make the switch find that the fleas rapidly die off after applying K9 Advantix II.

One of the mistakes that we can easily make is to continue trying Frontline every month in the hope it will work. This is understandable.

You’ve got stock on hand that you don’t want to waste. But in the meantime, your dog is suffering with fleas.

So how long should you persevere with Frontline before making the decision that you need to switch? Put it this way: if there are live fleas on your dog, and you’ve applied Frontline correctly, and those fleas are still there are few days later, some sort of action needs to be taken.

K9 Advantix II comes with the added benefit over Frontline in that is also protects against mosquitos and biting flies.

Frontline was a pretty revolutionary product in its day. Some people still successfully use it.

It can depend on your location as well. If Frontline is working well for you now, keep using it. If it’s not killing those fleas like it used to, take the initiative and try another formula.

There are plenty of options out there. K9 Advantix II is my top choice right now, and I know a ton of former Frontline users are now happily and successfully using K9 Advantix II.

How long is the expiry on K9 Advantix dog flea prevention?

You can save quite a bit of money by buying flea prevention products in bulk (packs of 6 or more).

That means you need a long expiry so none of it goes to waste.

Unlike most flea and tick dog products, K9 Advantix II does not expire and no shelf life is specified.

So as long as you keep it at room temperature and stored in its packaging, you can keep K9 Advantix II for as long as you like.

This lets you stock up when its on sale, without the worry that you’ll have to throw it out at some point.

The sealed individual tubes should only be opened at the time you are going to apply the formula to your dog.

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