Good Life Bark Control Pro – Does It Work?

Good Life Bark Control Pro is another bark detection system that sends out ultrasonic (or other audio) in an attempt to stop a dog from barking.

It’s designed to be used either on neighbor’s barking dogs, or it can be used at home for your own dogs both indoors and outdoors.

There are a lot of these types of bark control devices, with most very similar in how they work. The Bark Control Pro is rated to:

  • Detect dog barking up to 50ft or 15m away
  • Automatically send an ultrasonic frequency to a distance of up to 150ft or 46m

As with any device that needs to send out an ultrasonic signal, the effectiveness of the Bark Control Pro in getting that signal to where the barking dog is greatly depends on whether there are any obstacles in the way between the device and the dog.

Ultrasonic waves can’t go through trees, windows, fences, vehicles – or any objects for that matter. IN other words to get the full 150ft range (and any distance in between) you need a completely clear path.

There are two audio settings Good Life Bark Control Pro: one is the ultrasonic high frequency that only the dog will hear. You can’t hear that one.

You can also select regular audio which you’ll be able to hear.

There’s no volume adjustment – this is preset. It’s simple to switch between audio and ultrasonic on the side of the unit.

The main unit, when switched on, detects dog barking automatically within the range of 50 feet (depending on obstacles).

This bark detection sensor has two sensitivity settings that are adjustable on the side of the unit: high and low.

If you find the unit is activating at sounds other than the target dog, switch it to low sensitivity. The distance of the dog and any other background sounds will impact performance and it usually takes some trial and error to get the setting right.

A handheld remote control unit is also provided and this lets you activate the sound when you want to, rather than relying on the automatic bark detection.

Because the automatic bark detection range is about 50ft, the remote lets you reach barking dogs beyond that distance.

The remote is handy when you’re training your dog within a small area at home, like in the yard or indoors. When you press the remote button, the unit activates the sound for about eight seconds.

What type of barking is the Bark Control Pro useful for?

This is a big factor to consider, and if you don’t then it’s one of the main reasons people are disappointed with results.

The company has found that with nuisance type barking (usually a neighbor dog) there’s an 85% success rate.

But when the barking is a territorial situation (and granted, much of the time it’s not going to be easy to define what type of barking is going on) it’s found that the Bark Control Pro isn’t as effective.

This is often the case with any ultrasonic device, with this form of deterrent rarely being powerful enough to stop then most persistent barkers.

To their credit, Good Life understands this difference and lets you use the Bark Control Pro for 60 days risk free. If results aren’t what you expected or hope for, a refund is available.

Will it work through glass?
Glass will fully block out ultrasonic sound waves. So if a barking dog is for example behind a glassed in patio area, the Bark Control Pro won’t be able to reach it.

Will it work through the gaps in a fence?
If you have a timber fence with small gaps between each board, will this be enough space for the ultrasonic sound waves to get through and reach a dog? Not likely. The Bark Control Pro needs a clearer line of sight to where the dog is. In these situations where there’s a fence, aim the unit above the fence so it does not cause an obstruction.

Is it waterproof?
The unit itself is not waterproof – it’s an electronic device so don’t get it wet. Provided is a waterproof plastic cover – a rain jacket of sorts – that you place over the unit to completely protect it from water.

Can you use it indoors?
Yes, Bark Control Pros is for both indoor and outdoor use. Indoors you would almost always select the low sensitivity setting for detecting barking. Or you can just use the remote control, depending on the situtaion you’re trying to address with the barking.

Can you mount it to a tree?
The device comes with several mounting options so can keep the unit secured in one place. You can use screws or nails through the slots on the device to secure the unit to a tree, fence or wherever you like
With the protective rain cover on, you don’t need to bring it in if the weather turns either.