Impact Dog Crates Reviews – High Quality Aluminum Crates (Anxiety, Collapsible)

Impact dog crates are clearly top of the line when it comes to the brands of crates we can get for our dogs. These aren’t your everyday dog crates.

Why is this?

One look at the build quality of the Impact crates range tells you these are to be taken seriously. These aren’t your average dog crate – that’s for certain.

If you want the best: keep reading.

Impact dog crates are USA made. They’re made of tough aluminium, and they’re made to last. These crates are sold to the military as well as to police and first responder dog units – so we are talking heavy duty products here.

Being aluminium, the crates have two really important merits that are vital for people wanting to use them in the outdoors, boating and on trips (some of the big reasons these crates were originally designed):

  • Impact dog crates are lightweight
  • They’re also exceptionally durable

And yes, they have a price to match.

If you’re looking for a low budget, cheap low quality crate then the Impact range of crates won’t fit your needs.

If on the other hand you want a dog crate that has been designed and built to the highest standard with security and safety as top priorities, keep reading beacuse this review is all about the entire range of Impact dog crates and covers everything you need to know about them. This is an honest, highly researched review that will also include any potential downsides or issues I’ve come across with these crates – all in the name of helping you make an informed decision if you’re giving serious consideration to what could be considered the ultimate line of dog crates money can buy.

Once an order is placed with Impact for one of their crates, they then manufactre it. This made to order process is yet another thing that sets Impact apart and is what you’d expect when purchasing these ultra high end dog crates.

There are four styles of crates that Impact makes:

  • Collapsible Crates
  • Stationary Crates
  • High Anxiety Crates
  • Side Door Crates

Below you will find each of these crates detailed and compared – the goal is to help you decide on just the right one for your dog by highlighting the features that make each crate style unique.

What Makes Impact Dog Crates Different?

Unlike mass produced crates (which are certainly fine for most people’s needs), Impact doesn’t just pluck a crate from the warehouse and send it out to you once you’ve ordered.

No, they manufacture each and every crate order individually.

This allows the company to check over the build and functionality of the specific crate you’ll be getting, and ensure it’s built and operating to the highest standard.

They can also communicate directly with you to see if you have any specific needs, that can include optional extras. In short, you receive a customized and personalized crate that meets your exact needs.

Yes, this sort of personalized service costs you more than purchasing a regular crate – it’s the difference between buying a handbuilt Ferrari vs a run of the mill Kia (not that there’s anything wrong with a Kia either!).

It also means you don’t have to assemble the crate yourself. It’s shipped to you ready to use


Highly anxious, potentially aggressive, or just plain over excited dogs can easily break out of low quality crates. Impact crates remove the risk of break out completely: they are essentially bulletproof when it comes to escape, and even the strongest dogs have no chance of breaking out.

Impact High Anxiety Dog Crate

Chronically anxious dogs can benefit greatly from a crate that has subtle yet important design differences and considerations – and that’s why Impact has a specific crate design for high anxiety dogs and dogs that do not cope well in regular crates – including fearful behavior and potentially destroying other crates they may have been in.

No expense is spared with Impact dog crates. They are made for people who want no compromise on material and build quality, exceptional design, and safety and security.

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