Are Legs Out Dog Carriers Safe?

Have you seen those legs out dog carrier backpacks?

They’re designed to mimic human baby carriers.

But human babies have two legs, dogs have four.

These carriers are for people who want an alternative way of carrying a dog while walking, hiking or cycling.

Is it really safe to put a dog in one of these front or back carriers that have holes for their back and front legs to dangle out while you’re walking along?

Yes, it’s safe to use a legs out carrier for your small dog.

As long as the carrier is well made with quality materials. You’ll want to use it hands free at least some of the time (that’s the idea of it, after all) which means you need confidence that the seams and materials will securely hold your dog’s weight.

Legs out dog carry back/front packs are limited to dogs of a certain size and weight.

Needless to say you can’t carry large breeds, or even most medium sized dogs in these carriers. They’re made for small dog breeds. Each carrier will have its own recommended maximum weight, but generally 13-20lbs (about 6-9kg) will be the range limit. Each carrier is different so make sure you look at the specifications before buying.

Your dog obviously needs to be able to physically fit inside the carrier, so it’s not all about but body dimensions as well.

Security is paramount: your dog should not be able to get loose out of the carrier on her own.

The support design of the carrier is most important – your dog should be somewhat supported in the backpack and not simply help up by the head – that would indicate a poorly designed legs out carrier that is potentially unsafe. The carrier should not put pressure on your dog’s throat when he is placed inside it, and his legs are no longer supporting weight.

This means the carrier should have some support around the lower body. This is also why heavier dogs shouldn’t be carried in these types of carriers (it’s the rules of gravity).

The backpack legs out carrier needs to be comfortable for you to wear as well. The shoulders should be padded and adjustable.

Do legs out dog carriers have a hole for the tail?
Most of these front or back carriers have a whole for your dog’s tail, as well as the legs. This is important for the majority of dogs; you don’t want the tail being uncomfortably or painfully squished up in the carrier.

Why use a legs out dog backpack?

The idea is that, just like when using a baby carrier of a similar style, you can walk hands free. You don’t have to physically support the weight of your dog with your arms or hands.

It’s not only for fun outdoor activities. These types of carriers are useful for keeping on hand in case of emergency.

They take up no space like larger plastic carriers do, and once you’ve had some practice runs with placing your dog into the backpack you should be able to do it in seconds. In emergencies you’ll want your hands free, so having the option to carry your dog in one of these legs out carrier bags can be welcome when you need to move quickly.

Can you carry your dog facing you in a legs out backpack?
No, your dog should be facing outwards from the carrier. It’s not designed for the dog to be facing you whether you’re carring it on the back or front.