What is the Wavelength of the LumaSoothe Light Therapy For Dogs

The LumaSoothe light therapy device for dogs is designed as a low level, gentle light therapy home treatment for dogs that can be used for a range of health problems.

You can use the LumaSoothe at different settings to treat different conditions ranging from arthritis pain relief and hip dysplasia, to skin conditions and inflammation.

There are 2 types of treatment heads, and 5 wavelengths to choose from on the LumaSoothe Light Therapy.

When using this light therapy device you have several options in terms of the wavelength used. First you have to choose the head to use based on the reason you’re using it:

The IR Deep Treatment Head (DT) uses infrared and green light wavelengths.

The Surface Treatment Head (ST) uses red, green, blue, and yellow light wavelengths.

The colored lights are all in the visible light spectrum for us.

But infrared light is invisible to our human eyes.

These are the wavelengths of the light that you can use with the LumaSoothe:

  • Blue: 450nm
  • Green: 550nm
  • Yellow: 580nm
  • Red: 650nm
  • Infrared: 700nm – 1000nm

Infrared light covers a broad spectrum starting at about 700nm (which is outside our visible range). IR can penetrate deeper (but harmlessly) into your dog to reach muscles and joints, while the colored light spectrum settings are suited for surface use on the skin.

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