Is Natural Balance Fat Dogs Food Grain Free?

Natural Balance Fat Dogs is not a grain free dog food. Natural Balance Fat Dogs contains barley as one of the ingredients.

We know that excess grains in dog food can promote weight gain, especially in dogs who aren’t getting the amount of exercise they should be to maintain a healthy weight.

But even dogs who run around all day but eat grains excessively can develop problems.

Many grains in commercial dog food are cheap fillers. Those are the ones to be avoided.

But some grains are healthy for dogs as they contain important fiber and contribute to good digestive health, so good quality grains in food are an important ingredient. The key is to separate filler grains from the good stuff.

If you’re checking out the rather excellently named (they say it like it is) Fat Dogs by Natural Balance, one of the first things you will want to know is whether this food is grain free. Or does Fat Dogs contain some grains as part of the ingredients?

Fat Dogs is clearly marked as containing “wholesome grains” as part of the ingredients. Primarily this is barley. And barley is a useful grain for weight loss.

Barley for weight loss in dogs

No, it’s not about feeding your dog barley. But the Barley included in Natural Balance Fat Dogs is there for a reason.

This grain is known to be a fat loss aid, particularly as it reduces hunger. OK, this might work well in humans but when you are the one controlling how much food your dog receives, keep in mind that feeding Fat Dogs can result in your dog wanting to eat less than their usual meal size.

This is a good thing. Barley helps makes your dog feel fuller, sooner, and keeps her feeling full for longer. So she is not feeling hungry as a result of a smaller meal. This is exactly how it should work on a weight loss diet plan.

Unless your dog has a specific medical reason for being instructed by your vet not to consume any grains, Natural Balance Fat Dogs food should not be avoided based on the fact it’s not “grain-free”.

It is not a food that’s full of filler grains – but the inclusion of barley is an effective and beneficial choice that contributes to Natural Balance Fat Dogs being a popular and well regarded food for overweight dogs.


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