Snoods & Ear Wraps for Dog Anxiety Relief – Do Dog Hoodies Work?

We have several options when it comes to taking action to relieve stress and anxiety in dogs during certain events, environments and times where a dog is experiencing stress. Anything from fireworks and storms, to travel and vet visits, or moving to a new home.

There’s ThunderShirts and other anxiety vests, calming supplements, and the third option are snoods or ear wrap hoods.

You can also think of them as dog hoodies.

Some of these are sold as costumes. But they can have a dual benefit if you’re looking for a simple potential reliever for anxiety and stressful situations as these can be put on in seconds.

Dog ear wraps or hoodies are popular with groomers. In fact this is one of the main reasons they were developed to start with – to make the grooming and drying experience less stressful.

What is a Dog Snood?

A snood in the traditional human sense is a cross between a hood and a scarf worn on the head by women, often to hold their hair in place. Not surprisingly, someone came along and decided this sort of attire could be highly desirable for dogs as well.

It’s not just about fashion though. When it comes to dog snoods – they have a practical purpose as well.

Some people buy a snood for dogs who have long hair, long ears or both. Why? The goal is to help keep said long bits out of the food bowl. Now this might sound a little over the top to those of us who don’t pamper and prime our dogs for beauty pagents – but for those who do show their dogs (or dog parents who just love cleanliness).

A snood-like knitted dog hat

Besides at the dinner bowl, a snood if often used to prevent bits of grass and vegetation getting caught on fur and ears when sniffing through long grass when out and about.

They can also simple be use for warmth, particularly as they are often made of knitted material.

These are the practical reasons why people use dog snoods.

Practically speaking there’s little difference in the products sold that we could consider to be snoods – some are called hats, some are hoodies, some are beanies.

A well designed dog hoodie will be stretchy and flexible enough to fit perfectly snug to your dogs head, without being tight.



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