How long does it take for the ThunderEase collar to work?

The ThunderEase calming collar for dogs uses natural pheremones to relax your dog, reduce stress, and make anxious situations or environments much more bearable for both you and your dog.

The collar provides a constant calming effect. ThunderEase also comes in a diffuser, which is suitable when your dog is in one area. But when your dog is going to be moving around – such as a vet visit, moving house, airplane or car trips, or boarding – the ThunderEase collar is the right option.

The natural pheremones in the collar (these are not drugs) become activated by the body heat of your dog. So they start working quickly, and the collar is effective for about 4 weeks.

You won’t be able to smell the ThunderEase collar working, because it has no odor.

You can easily adjust the collar for a safe and comfortable fit, and once it’s one, the ThunderEase collar is no different to any other collar your dog might wear. Once the collar is comfortably adjusted to fit your dog’s neck just cut off any excess from the end of the collar.


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