Is ThunderEase Safe for Dogs?

ThunderEase pheremone calming products – collar, diffuser, and spray – makes use of natural pheremones that mimics the pheremones that are given off by dog mothers shortly after they’ve given birth. These pheremones relax the pups and provide comfort and security.

The idea ThunderEase is to take your dog back to how he or she would have felt after being born – in the close comfort of mother’s warmth and protection.

Ultimately this should lead to a decrease in stress and anxiety and related behaviors in situations or environments where your dog becomes anxious.

ThunderEase is safe for dogs.

Many vets use ThunderEase and other pheremone diffuser products in their clinics to decrease patient anxiety. Vets recognize the safety and effectiveness of these pheremones for dogs.

The worst that can happen when using ThunderEase for your dog is that it doesn’t reduce or eliminate their anxious behaviors as much as you wanted or expected. No harm can or will be done to your dog.

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