Thundershirt Classic vs Sport vs Polo – What’s the difference?

The three types of dog Thundershirt anxiety vest are: Classic, Polo and Sport.

How do you choose the best model for your dog to reduce anxiety, whether it be during thunderstorms, transport, or other potentially stressful situations?

The differences between the Polo, Sport and Classic Thundershirts come down to two main things:

  • Style
  • Material

All three styles of Thundershirts are designed to work the same. But you’ll want to select the one that your dog will be most comfortable wearing.

You won’t be choosing a Thundershirt based on style alone, but it’s good to have these options.

What matters to most of us wanting to buy one of these dog anxiety vests is how comfortable it is, how well it fits, how easy it is to get on and off your dog, and last but not least: how well it works to reduce anxiety.

A Thundershirt should not get in the way. In other words, it should do its job of decreasing anxiety in a dog without the jacket itself causing any distress. A well fitting Thundershirt jacket won’t be noticed by your dog because it will be comfortable and well fitting.

Let’s look at the main differences between Thundershirt Polo, Sport and Classic:

Thundershirt Polo

Made of polyester, spandex and rayon blend.

Thundershirt Classic

Made of polyester, spandex and rayon blend

Thundershirt Sport

Made of 100% polyester
Airflow technology to encourage air to move through the material

Importantly: all three styles of Thundershirts work the same.
The small material and size differences between them allow you to tweak your choice to best suit your dog. The additional airflow capabilty of the Sport is an appealing option, especally if you live in a warmer environment or know you’ll be using the Thundershirt mainly during the summer months.