Can dogs overheat wearing a Thundershirt?

Putting a Thundershirt anxiety vest on your dog in warmer weather can raise the concern of whether your dog could overheat.

Thundershirts are made from lightweight and breathable material and they’re designed to be used all year round, including during summer.

It is unlikely, but not impossible, that a Thundershirt or similarly designed calming vest will make your dog overheat.

If a dog is in an environment where it’s hot enough to cause a health risk, heat stress is going to happen regardless of whether the dog is wearing a Thundershirt or not.

Dogs should not be exposed to such high temperatures to start with – Thundershirt or no Thundershirt.

On a regular, mild or a warm day, dogs wearing a Thundershirt should not feel any warmer than without it on. It can be thought of as similar to us wearing a T-shirt on a warm day.

On a very hot day any clothing can add to body heat, just like it does with us (and we don’t have all that hair to trap heat in).

All Thundershirts are made of lightweight material, but the Sports Thundershirt version is the most breathable of all the designs and it’s the best option if you live in a warmer climate.

The Sport Thundershirt is made of 100% polyester, rather than a blend like the Classic and Polo.

But all three are breahtable and while they’re a snug fit, your dog should not be overheating when wearing any Thundershirt in reasonable environmental temperatures. If he or she is, then the temperature is too warm anyway, and your dog should be moved where it’s cooler.

Heavy panting, rapid breathing or a glazed look in the eyes are all signs of overheating in dogs.

You should still remove the Thundershirt (or any other anxiety wrap or clothing) in that situation and provide relief to your dog – move her to a cooler location (indoors in the air conditioning) or a lovely shower under the garden sprinkler.

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