Can a dog wear a ThunderShirt all night while sleeping?

ThunderShirt calming wraps for dogs are designed to be worn during stressful events, situations and environments.

So can your dog safely and comfortably wear a ThunderShirt all night while sleeping? Or should you take it off at bedtime?

It’s safe for your dog to wear the ThunderShirt while sleeping at night.

This is useful if there’s an all night storm, or any other situation where the stressful event is ongoing and not just short periods of time here and there.

The company that makes the ThunderShirt has stated that overheating is not a known issue, and that dogs can safely wear the calming vest overnight if required.

It’s important to realize that ThunderShirts are made of lightweight and breathable material.

It’s the snug fit and gentle squeeze of the jacket that gives your dog the calming and comforting feeling – not the use of any heavy material.

So the light and breathy material allows ThunderShirts to be safely worn through the night, just as your dog might wear a regular dog vest all night sometimes.

The company has also made a ThunderCoat, which is intended as a much warmer and weather protective coat that can be worn over the ThunderShirt.

The ThunderCoat is not likely to be something your dog should wear overnight – but the light weight ThunderShirt? Perfectly fine as an overnight clothing item for sleeping dogs.