Yarrah Vegetarian Dog Food Review (also Vegan) – What You Need To Know

Yarrah vegetarian dog food

What Is Yarrah Vegetarian Food For Dogs?

Yarrah makes organic, natural dog food that is an alternative to big brand commercial foods and the people who want to feed our dogs a diet that doesn’t come with some of the questionable ingredients we see in a lot of the big brand names.

Containing no animal products, the plant based range is also considered vegan – so whether you’re looking for a vegetarian or a vegan dog food, any of the Yarrah options tick both boxes.

Yarrah makes a range of dog food that also includes meat based recipes.

But this review is focused solely on their vegetarian or vegan dog food range. I wanted to look in depth at what exactly is in these foods, and how dogs are (or are not) enjoying it, and ultimately if it’s having a positive impact on their health.

Yarrah’s non-meat foods for dogs are labelled with the name “Vega”. This makes it really easy to quickly identify which Yarrah foods are purely plant based.

So let’s look at exactly what Yarrah has for dogs in their vegetarian and vegan range:

Dry food

There are two Yarrah Vega dry foods to choose from: one is wheat-free and made specifically for dogs that might have a wheat allergy or sensitivity, or simply for people who have an aversion to feeding any foods that contain wheat. Below I’ve put together a quick comparison table of both Vega dry dog foods by Yarrah, making it easy to see the differences (there aren’t many besides the wheat). The protein sources in both of these dry foods are soya bean and pea based.

Canned and wet food

Vega Chunks – this is the only vegetarian/vegan canned food from Yarrah, Also available in the smaller “alu dish” packaging. Soya beans are again used as the main protein source.


Organic Vega biscuits are made by Yarrah in two sizes – one being great for bigger dogs and the smaller size although marketed for small dogs can obviously be fed to any breed – even the large biscuits can be broken up if need be.

The Yarrah Vega snacks do contain wheat and corn, with the “power” ingredients being organic spinach, seaweed and spirulina. All of the main ingredients in the Vega dog biscuits are organic.

Yarrah dog food stockists and Where to Buy

Yarrah is a Netherlands based company and their products are most widely available throughout Europe, but you can find it in the US at specialized stores like Wholefoods.

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